About Us

As one of the earliest townehouse developments in DuPage County, Brandywine was the first all-electric community in the United States. Our quiet Olde English-themed homeowner’s association provides close proximity to all of the cultural features and benefits offered by the larger Chicagoland region. Our central location is just minutes away from major transportation and medical facilities, sports venues, hotels, theaters, schools, museums, parks, and shopping. Brandywine is “in the middle of everywhere”.
Established in 1965, Brandywine continues to thrive as a successful, unincorporated bedroom community comprised of approximately 5,000 residents. Although strictly outside of the Villa Park village limits, homeowners here enjoy Villa Park mailing addresses. Our 1,187 Tudor-style townehomes and villas are centered on a 130-acre parcel of land; 30 acres of which are dedicated to private yards, mature trees, playgrounds, and greenspace. Our full brick attached single family homes have aged gracefully and are over 90% owner-occupied. Typical townehome floorplans range from 4 bedrooms to single bedrooms and everything in between. There are 170 villa units that offer their own one or two car garages. The electrical energy distribution system is located completely underground so there are no unsightly utility poles or overhead power lines to sully the landscape. A seven-member Board of Directors elected from the homeowners oversees the business of the development, and our daily community management is based on site with 11 full and part time employees working directly for the Brandywine Association. Most routine exterior maintenance duties and services are the responsibility of the Association and paid for through reasonable monthly homeowner assessments. Unlike standard funding policies at most other homeowner associations, Brandywine is unique in never having charged its homeowners a special assessment.
Whether your residential needs are those of a first-time home buyer, a growing family, or empty nesters looking to down size, Brandywine has much to offer anyone contemplating a home purchase.
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