Brandywine Pool

Brandywine Pool Rules
The pool management and staff are charged with the enforcement of all pool rules.  The pool manager is authorized to close the pool due to inclement weather condition, establish temporary rules to deal with immediate situations, and take disciplinary action when necessary, including dismissal.  Pool management retains the right to implement and enforce rules that are more stringent or that supplement others.
Please take a moment to review the following pool rules with your children.
The wrist or ankle bracelet obtained at the pass window must be worn in view at ALL times. Only clean clothing, specifically designed for swimming, may be worn in the pool. Street clothes of any type are unacceptable. Shoulder length hair must be tied back.
All children aged 12 and under must be constantly accompanied and supervised by a responsible person 18 years old or older (blue pass.)
Running, pushing, rough-housing, and abusive or foul language (in and out of the water) are prohibited.
Only ONE swimmer at a time on the steps of the diving board or slide.  Following swimmers must wait until previous swimmer has reached the buoy-line or side of pool before using the diving board or slide.
Any person using the diving board, big slide, or deep end is expected to be able to swim the length of the pool unassisted, and may be asked to prove it.
Devices designed for floatation assistance may be worn in the shallow end of pool.  Any other pool toys may only be used during Family Hour.  Persons wearing such devices must be accompanied (within arms length) by an experienced adult swimmer (18 years or older.)
Masks and fins may be used in shallow end only during periods when few swimmers are present (Life guards will use their discretion.) 
Children using the baby pool must be younger than 6 years of age and accompanied by a family member at least 18 years of age.
Guest Passes
Residents may pick up one free Family Guest Pass during Photo ID Registration hours.  The free pass expires at the end of the season.
Residents may also purchase guest passes from the pool clerk.  The passes cost $10 and contain 10- $1 punches.  Weekday guests are 2 punches per person and weekend/holiday guests are 3 punches.  These punch passes are valid indefinitely. Guests will only be admitted with a valid guest pass and when they are accompanied by an adult with a blue pass.  Residents are responsible for their guests. Guests will not be allowed to stay at the pool without their hosts.  When a resident leaves, the guest must leave.