Interesting Facts

The most common tree in Brandywine is the Silver Maple.
In the mid 1900’s, the Brandywine area was shown on maps as Utopia.
There are 170 Villas and 1,017 townehomes in Brandywine.
According to an engineering company’s estimated measurement, the total paved surface area within Brandywine, excluding sidewalks and township streets, is 14.96 acres or enough asphalt to cover 14 football fields.
If all the bedrooms in Brandywine were occupied in accordance with our Occupancy Standard, there would be 5,724 persons living here.
The Brandywine swimming pool holds 167,306 gallons of water.
During reconstruction of Parking Lot #40 in the early 90’s, a bulldozer unearthed a farmer’s dump, with an old riveted boiler tank.
In 1967, the monthly assessment was $14.00.
Villa Park History